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The performances were accompanied by theater companies colorful fairs, dog fighting and cock, showing off colorful jugglers, acrobats and agile in tight linoskoczków, łaciastych costumes. Szynkownie basement preparing a great variety of wines barrels. There was no shortage and music. At the gates of the houses, on the sad, One String Fiddle rzępolili itinerant musicians, in wooden cages screeching green parrots. In the city there was grand, gaudy fuss. More than music and confused hum of voices, exploding with fairground crowds amounted to call pyskatych, provident Gdansk przekupek. Exposed for little ones swings and roundabouts. Somewhere zapodziewała a patrician dignity, quiet Gdańsk came to life and ritual theatrical art fair. Street pastimes and universal honest, simple gaiety there was no end. Everyone, without exception, took part in it. This is evidenced by preserved figure of the seventeenth century, showing the naked truth about the wooden building Fencing School, payloads against surviving today, imposing, medieval city walls. Yet it was not long dominikowe wedding, and now the citizens of Gdansk in the future running out turning the pages Dominic bought on the calendar for next year. They unhook them next deadlines acting performances ....

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t a time when pressed in large numbers, golden ducats, proud bore the inscription "Gdańsk is a safe city under the care of God and the Eagle" his bourgeois society itself comfortably lived and worked. Prosperity and rising wealth have become a good ground for the flourishing culture of the city. Age sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were the proud royal city at the mouth of the Vistula and the largest seaport in Central and Eastern Europe, an exceptional year for the development of theatrical art. The town has about 1,600 year saw the corpses of English comedians. They roamed the land and water from distant London, where drama and theater experienced its great prosperity, and one of the most popular though not necessarily profitable profession was acting. In a situation where one actor fell into a thousand inhabitants, London Queen Elizabeth I proved to be far too tight. The corpses of actors objeżdżały successfully provinces of the island, however, has become increasingly hesitant to look for happiness on the continent. The fame of the craft of acting comedians spread like wildfire. No wonder that in less than a half-century British theater actors rocked the world Europe north of the Alps. They played for Protestants and Catholics, even in churches and grymasili. William Shakespeare said of his buddies on the profession that are a summary and a chronicle of his time. Lured location of Gdansk and its famous hospitality, the British comedians stood at the gates of the city of about 1,640 years. At that time, next to the city walls was built the first public theater in Poland. Gdańszczanom well served for nearly two centuries. This was the famous School of Fencing, used his simple, wooden interior was then pojedynkom fencing and popisom theater. The building was an exact copy of the theaters of Elizabethan England. Yet for the life of the great Shakespeare was played on its stage almost all his tragedies and comedies. Upon hearing the news that arrived comedians, the whole city has changed beyond recognition, was beginning to throb niegrzeszną freedom, singing and dancing anywhere, the mazurka and polonaise at the helm. During the two-week indulgence św.Dominika Englishmen dressed in a flashy, colorful costumes played particularly large and interesting. His passion and English humor lure of the houses of all, regardless of the state and bestowed office. On wooden, three-storey theater, art galleries rozsiadało three thousand enthusiastic townspeople, the poorer the rest of the audience thirsty comedians games stubbornly stood right at the scene.